Regular maintenance of your commercial roof can extend its lifespan. Not only will your roof last longer, but it will also look good and stay in good condition for longer. One of the best ways of ensuring that your roof is in good condition is to maintain them during spring. Here are 8 tips that you may find helpful:

  1. Schedule Inspection
    Apart from autumn, spring is the other time of the year you can inspect your roof. Scheduling an inspection with a roofing expert will help in identifying any damages or concerns in your roof. The profession will note any damage to flashing, scrutinize rooftop skylights, examine HVAC equipment curbs, and assess perimeters and walls.
  1. Wash the Rooftop Surface
    Since winters are usually rough on roofs, the best time to wash the surface is during spring. Any buildup of dirt on the rooftop not only affects its aesthetics but may also lead to mold infestation. Washing the rooftop surface with a commercial pressure washer and cleaning solution will help in preventing unwanted growth.
  1. Clean Gutter Systems
    A harsh winter usually sends leaves, moss, tree limbs, and garbage into the gutters. This can lead to blockages in the gutter and drainage system. When water accumulated in the gutter system, it may overflow and cause structural damage. A roofing contractor will clean out the gutters during spring to remove all debris, clear out potential clogs, and ensure the gutter system is serving its purpose.
  1. Conduct a Moisture Survey
    A moisture survey helps in detecting changes in the roof’s materials during water presence. This task can be achieved using infrared scans that measure the level of heat retention or the amount of moisture lost through insulation. Usually, dry insulation transmits heat differently that wet insulation affecting moisture retention differently. You should conduct such surveys every five years to help detect problems in your roof that you would normally not identify from a visual inspection.
  1. Perform Post-Storm Inspection
    The roofing system can be affected adversely by high winds, hail, snow, and torrential rainfalls. Depending on the amount of extreme weather experienced, it can lead to weather-related damage. A post-storm inspection helps in identifying the damages early and making the necessary repairs.
  1. Repair Any Leaks
    A harsh winter may cause wear and tear on your commercial rooftop, and possible moisture leaks. Left unchecked, the leaks can cause costly inventory damage or balloon to an extent that is too expensive to repair.
  1. Trim Trees
    If your commercial building is surrounded by trees, you may need to trim them. The vegetation can grow too close to the rooftop and any broken branches can damage your roof in the event of a thunderstorm.
  1. Replace Worn Shingles
    If your shingles are broken, warped, or curled, you may need to replace them. With the warm temperature during springtime, you can visually inspect the shingles and determine whether they need replacement.

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